Cyber Security Tip: Don’t download ANYTHING you’re not authorized to download

Let’s say that you have a big file you need to send to your accountant, or a crucial inter-office set of large files, that need to go out immediately.  You already hit “send” but you got hit with the notification saying the file size is too large.  What do you do now?  Go looking for a way to send the file over the internet?  No!

The right move is to contact your IT department so that we can work with you to install a secure, commercial-grade file-sharing application that not only fixes the problem right this moment but gives you the tools to solve this problem every time.

Downloading a file-sharing program, even if it’s something like Dropbox, falls under the category of “Shadow IT”.  Shadow IT is a cybersecurity term used to describe applications installed by employees of an organization without involving or alerting the IT department as a workaround, and these applications come with a hefty price: SECURITY.

If we don’t know about it, we can’t manage it or secure it; so, the golden rule is this: NEVER download any software or application without checking with your IT department first!

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