Cyber Security Solutions

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Today, we face more online security threats than ever. They're becoming more common and sophisticated by the day.

Businesses don’t think they are a target because they are not a large corporation don’t understand how common ransomware attacks are for small businesses every day.  Employees caught in phishing scams or clicking on dangerous links cause continual productivity loss.

Don’t become a victim.  Take your business security needs into your own hands.  Integrated Axis can deploy powerful, award-winning online security tools to protect your entire business footprint to protect every employee and machine.

Did you know that in a recent study, 98% of the businesses had at least one cloud data breach in the past 18 months?*

Anti-Virus, Malware & More

Powerful tools that give you the confidence that your employees will not infect computers with malicious software.

Powerful Remote Support

Threat monitoring that can be done remotely means that you always have an extra layer of support should anything attempt installation.

Continually Learning Defense

Innovative AI driven learning stays current with known threats regardless of how sophisticared they become.

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