Managed WiFi

Management and support for large-scale, multi-user WiFi environments.

End-to-End WiFi Management

Businesses like hotels, apartment complexes, and colleges have dense client populations that need fast, secure, and accessible WiFi with reliable technical support.

Your users want access to high-speed bandwidth so they can stream movies, play online games, host video conferences, and more. They also need to feel confident with their connectivity and security while they do it. This requires expert WiFi network design, architecture, installation, and regular maintenance, which is where Integrated Axis comes in!


We survey your network landscape to understand your wireless readings and ensure we provide the best wireless solutions for your unique architecture. Our techs choose the best access point to give you high-speed managed WiFi. Whether you need streamlined email services or cloud security, our custom-built WiFi services are designed specifically for you.

Fully Compliant

We ensure you’re abiding by all FCC compliance requirements and other government regulations. Our managed WiFi has security management to reduce security risks for cyber attacks. Our network security ensures that your business remains compliant based on all government regulations.

Top-Level Partners

We provide you with products and partners like Cisco Meraki, Aerohive, and Mikrotik to meet your business needs. These products enable us to provide internet access that gives your business the high-speed WiFi you need.

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