Whether you’re a small law firm or a major venture capitalist,
Integrated Axis Technology Group is ready to take on your technology landscape.

Your On-Call IT Department

Integrated Axis has over two decades of experience, providing nearly every kind of small to medium-sized business, medical practice, and dental office with professional IT solutions designed to meet their unique needs. Our staff of professional technology consultants offers best-in-class customer service that is proactive and responsive. Our full-time help desk team is at your service when you need them most.

Our consistent growth comes almost entirely from referral business, as our clients share with their colleagues and friends what kind of service and expertise they’ve come to expect from our complete set of services.

Explore our areas of expertise below to learn more about how we can specifically approach different solution sets to provide hardware, software, integration, and process improvements.

Financial Practices

Your company handles the money and futures of people in your community every day. It also advises them on their savings, retirement, insurances, investments, and real estate. The financial sector has more data protection and security regulations than other businesses, which makes it essential to remain compliant and optimize security management compliant. Your network must continue functioning optimally to provide your clients with the best possible service without risking network penetration or failure. Our job is handling IT security to protect your data and your clients’ data.



The healthcare industry is evolving rapidly, with many changes that can dramatically affect productivity and profitability. These changes include accessing data across a local network and complying with strict government regulations. Your practice faces these demands with increasingly limited resources and higher security risks. Integrated Axis helps you build an IT infrastructure that meets these requirements while maintaining a profitable, sustainable business model.


Legal Practices

Your clients trust you to protect their assets, privileges, and freedom in the courtroom. You also need to protect their data online with technology that makes it easy to stay connected and protect client confidentiality. That means your IT solutions must be reliable and secure enough to avoid unauthorized access. With the technology expertise of Integrated Axis Technology Group, we can provide customized, proactive IT solutions that maximize your firm’s productivity and information security.


Customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal in hospitality, whether you have a cozy little inn in the country or a world-class international airline. Many of your interactions with customers involve technology, including online reservations, social media posts, and issuing WiFi passwords. Any customer experience happening through technology needs an experienced IT team to ensure your computer network is always functioning optimally.


Dental Providers

Dental practices face specific challenges in the healthcare industry when it comes to information management and compliance requirements. Integrated Axis has over a decade of experience working to improve the operational efficiency of local and national dental practices while supporting compliance management and cyber-security. We also implement challenging dental practice management solutions to fit the needs of your practice.



Manufacturing businesses have a lot of things to track across multiple facilities, from staff headcount to production rates. An unresponsive server that prevents you from accessing any of your records can bring your operation to a standstill, especially when your IT service only provides remote support. Operating without an experienced IT partner is too big a risk to take with so much sensitive information to protect. Integrated Axis provides reactive onsite technical support and takes measures to prevent major outages from occurring in the first place.



Integrated Axis recognizes the life-changing work of nonprofit organizations, and we’re grateful for the impact they have on our environment and communities. We also understand the unique struggles of running a nonprofit. This is why it is imperative for you to partner with managed service providers that can handle these problems. Coordination, communication, and cooperation play a major role in maintaining a smooth operational flow at a nonprofit. Integrated Axis Technology Group can provide a tangible IT solution to ensure your operation runs smoothly.


Real Estate

Real estate agents need to be flexible in the ways they access company and client data. This dynamic working environment means your team needs expert remote support that allows them to access data from any location while keeping that data safe. We can help you find a reliable and secure way to store your data to keep your agents equipped with the information they need when they need it.


Small & Midsize Business

Starting a business is often easier than running it. Every moment you spend dealing with IT problems is a moment you’re not reaching your business goals. You need an experienced partner to help you find solutions to business challenges, including data management and IT security. Integrated Axis can leverage your technology to lighten the load of your daily operations, allowing you to stay focused on your business instead of continually calling tech support.


Our team is here to offer you the technology help you need to keep your business moving forward. Get started with our tailored IT solutions and 24/7 support today!