100% Employee Owned


Integrated Axis Technology Group Inc. believes when employees feel respected, included, and safe, they produce creative, high-quality results for the partners we serve.

At Integrated Axis Technology Group Inc. (IA) we are proud to be an employee-owned company with a deep commitment to the communities we serve. We are dedicated to promoting an environment supporting diversity, equity, and inclusion. Every employee shares an interest in supporting the overall organization’s vision and mission of making IA a supportive and safe environment to work and thrive.

We recognize that fostering an inclusive culture is a process that requires ongoing effort, education, dialogue, and action. We regularly evaluate our policies, practices, and programs to ensure that we are creating a workplace that is truly diverse, equitable, inclusive, and free from discrimination and harassment. We seek to create an environment where all employee-owners and partners feel valued, respected, and supported. Everyone deserves an equal opportunity to succeed, and we will work to eliminate any systemic barriers that may prevent that.

Our CARE2 philosophy centered on customer focus, accountability, respect, excellence, and empathy, is best supported by a team of diverse individuals with various life experiences. Listening and engaging with our team members helps foster a sense of belonging and empowerment.

IA’s hiring and promotion practices account for all applicants and employees regardless of their race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, or disability. We are determined to build a team that reflects our community’s rich diversity and provides equitable access to technology solutions for all our partners. IA believes this commitment makes us a better place to work, and a better partner to those we serve.