Cloud Computing Services for Your Business

Elevating your business with cloud computing services to ensure proper virtualization.

Embrace the New Tech Standard

Running your business in the cloud means you don’t need a physical server for your storage and network operations. This operating system architecture eliminates costs such as the purchase, maintenance, and repair of a server. Our managed cloud services include redundancy measures to ensure your system and data stay intact and accessible at all times.

Saves Room & Money​

Physical servers take up space — sometimes even an entire room. They also require a large initial investment and regular maintenance. One of the biggest benefits of cloud computing is that you can skip the headache of finding space and money for traditional hardware and software. By switching to cloud computing services with Integrated Axis, you can build a simple and effective cloud infrastructure.

Predictable, Monthly Operating Cost​

Physical servers can be costly to purchase and maintain, which puts a lot of strain on your capital. When you switch to cloud computing services, you make manageable monthly payments and transform your IT budget into an operating cost.

Private & Secure

Our cloud computing is only available to our clients, so we can ensure an immediate response team keeps a close eye on your IT security. You can fully manage this private network right from your office web browser. We also offer cloud disaster recovery. These managed services decrease recovery times and allow you to maintain your storage and computing in the case of an unexpected disaster.

Our team is here to offer you the technology help you need to keep your business moving forward. Get started with our tailored IT solutions and 24/7 support today!