How do you spot a phishing e-mail?

A phishing email is a fake email from an outside party that has been designed to lure you into clicking on a link or performing a task that might be crucial for the company. These emails have become looking better and better, and many times can now look like they legitimately come from large companies like Microsoft or Amazon. In most cases it will have a file or link attached that once clicked on will expose you to a virus, malware or ransomware attack.

For example, these e-mails will show a PDF, scanned document, or a UPS or FedEx tracking number, bank letter, Facebook alert, bank notification, etc. That’s what makes these so dangerous – they LOOK exactly like a legitimate e-mail. So, how can you tell a phishing e-mail from a legitimate one?

There Are a Few Crucial Signs to Spot a Fake Email

  • Always carefully read the “from” address. Even if the name is someone you recognize, pay close attention to the email address itself. Usually, it’s a very slight change in the email domain name that doesn’t quite match the source recipient.
  • Hover over any URL links in the e-mail (but DON’T CLICK!) to see the ACTUAL website you’ll be directed to. If there’s a mismatched or suspicious URL, delete the e-mail immediately.
  • It’s also a good idea to simply double-check with the person that sent it.

When in Doubt – Contact Your IT Provider!

If you still can’t be sure, check with your IT provider. Trust us – they won’t mind. It’s far less of a hassle for them to double check an email and confirm it’s safe than to help solve a company-wide virus that is now spreading through the office.

If you don’t have an IT provider, maybe it’s time to call Integrated Axis today to learn how we can help you avoid any potential catastrophe with tools specifically designed to keep malware and other harmful software away from your employees. This also includes protection in the event they do click on something by accident they shouldn’t!