Cyber Security Pro Tip: Remembering Passwords

Remembering dozens of complicated passwords is a GIANT pain, which is why people have bad password “habits” – the primary habit is reusing passwords or creating simple, easy-to-remember passwords (like “letmein123”).  Even if your reused passwords are minor variations of your original password, like adding an exclamation point, these are incredibly easy to guess by humans and machines looking to crack a password.

What we recommend is a professional-grade password manager like Passportal. This applications allow you to create complicated passwords and log in to websites securely.

How these applications work is that they store your passwords in 2 separate locations that are encrypted separately.  This means that if someone steals a password from either side through a data breach, they still won’t have the password.  If you haven’t made the jump to a password-keeping solution, please consider it today.  You can contact us for assistance and we’ll be glad to help!