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  1. Facial Recognition & Cybersecurity

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    Human beings are uniquely adept at recognizing faces and interpreting facial expressions. The average person is capable of remembering and recognizing over 5,000 unique faces instantly. We’re so good at it that we can immediately spot a familiar person up to 50 yards away. For a machine to step up to the task of recognizing faces that quickly and reliably would be quite a feat of engineering. But, of course, facial recognition technology (FR) has made some critical leaps forward in recent years.

    For FR to work, it has to go through a process of capturing images, extracting key feature markers, comparing these to a database, and performing a match search. At present, facial recognition security assets require that a would-be entrant present his or her face to the scanner, hold still for a moment, and try not to visibly emote. This kind of tech can help harden an access point against unauthorized entrants- but the limitations of the system make it easy for clever hackers to defeat.

    Here at Integrated Axis Technology Group in Arizona, our goal is to help you get the most out of any security technology you choose to deploy. At present, recognizing the cybersecurity risks of Facial Recognition is critical.

    The Risks of Facial Recognition Technology

    The best FR tech performs Capture, Extraction, Comparison, and Matching very quickly. But for an intruder who understands how the machine works, defeating the system is still possible. There is also a list of known methods to beat FR cameras. They include, but are not limited to;

    • Camera finders: detect FR cameras so they can be avoided
    • NIR LEDs: use bright lights to disrupt FR scans
    • Reflective accessories: blind camera sensors
    • Prosthetic masks: realistic masks that can trick FR cameras
    • Hair and makeup: obscure and alter facial features without looking suspicious

    FR Hacking

    For the time being, all of these methods allow people to escape detection. But only one can actually fool an FR scanner in order to gain access to a restricted location, the prosthetic mask. While these items are expensive, it is possible for a criminal to obtain them, and they easily fool most FR systems. Of course, privacy is always a concern. By making your face your key and password, that means anyone who manages to obtain a prosthetic copy of your face gains access. In a world where FR is ubiquitous, a rise in prosthetic mask crime is a predictable outcome.


    Automakers have begun experimenting with FR tech as a means for drivers to access their vehicles. Models that are currently in testing have a high rate of success, about 97%. But these devices succeed at lower rates recognizing women due to makeup and hair changes, and people with dark skin, which absorbs much of the light FR systems need to work.


    Of course, placing FR cameras anywhere poses a privacy threat to anyone who walks by them. With these concerns on the rise, we can expect to see changes to legislation regulating these devices in the near future.

    Here at Integrated Axis, our goal is to help companies in Tucson and Phoenix, Arizona cope with and overcome these risks. Our integrated It services are designed to keep you ahead of the competition- especially in areas where keeping up with bleeding-edge technology is key to remaining competitive in your industry.

  2. ProCare at Integrated Axis Group: The Perks

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    ProCare Managed Services is a complete solution that provides managed IT services for your business and is managed by our expert team here at Integrated Axis Technology Group. We manage your entire IT infrastructure by becoming an extension of your team and keep your infrastructure safe and operating optimally. ProCare provides your company with the resources of a fully-staffed, in-house IT department for a fraction of the cost. Here are a few additional benefits of using ProCare with our team:

    ProCare Provides Cost Savings

    ProCare Provides Cost Savings

    ProCare can reduce your infrastructure costs in several ways. First, it allows you to downsize your on-site infrastructure by using our data centers, which reduces the cost of hardware. Secondly, ProCare also saves you energy and storage space for all of that tech stuff.

    Clients who use ProCare experience fewer system problems, reducing support tickets by an average of 30 percent—which saves you time and money on the clock! ProCare also makes your monthly IT operating budget more consistent and allows you to focus on your core competencies instead of IT maintenance.

    Device Management with ProCare

    Managed service providers originally focused on remote support for IT infrastructure during the 1990s. They began expanding into other areas such as device management by the early 2000s, however, especially for mobile devices.

    ProCare services include comprehensive monitoring for both users and individual devices. We also provide both remote and on-site support, as needed. ProCare services include scheduled maintenance tasks such as software updates and security patches. We also provide anti-virus protection, unattended technical support, and vendor support for our ProCare customers.

    ProCare’s Backup Management

    Backup and recovery have become an increasingly important part of IT management services in recent years. The security of these operations is vital for the protection of your revenue, profits, and reputation. ProCare monitors and manages your backups with customizable solutions, providing you with peace of mind and freeing up your IT resources.

    ProCare services also include software that performs complete backups to both local and cloud-based storage devices. We also provide 24/7 monitoring with alerts, and we handle any backup problems. An annual test on our end ensures you can recover your data in the event of a disaster.

    Firewall Management

    Firewall Management

    Firewalls prevent unauthorized users from gaining access to your network. A failure in your firewall can have extremely serious consequences, depending on the specific systems a hacker is able to access.

    ProCare firewall management includes the setup, monitoring, and maintenance of your virtual private network (VPN) connections. We also install intrusion detection and prevention systems, including gateway anti-virus protection and web content filtering. Additional tech security services in the ProCare solution also include updates to devise firmware.

    Get ProCare at Integrated Axis Technology Group

    Business owners who use our ProCare solution don’t need to spend time getting their technology running smoothly or troubleshooting problems. We handle these issues for them so they can focus on their business.

    Integrated Axis Technology Group (IA) has been providing IT solutions for businesses in the Tucson area for over 20 years. Our customers include businesses of all sizes and in virtually every industry. Contact us or call us at (520) 877-3033 to learn more about how ProCare can help your business.