How IT Consulting Can Improve Your Network Functionality

You probably don’t think about your company’s network until it is slow, malfunctioning, or completely inaccessible. In fact, when you heard the word “network,” did you immediately think of WiFi? WiFi is only one of the IT networks that your company uses. Luckily, an IT consulting firm can help you manage and maintain all your IT managed services. 

IT Consulting Spots the Weaknesses in Your Network

The first step in improving the overall functionality of your network is to look for weaknesses. IT consultants at Integrated Axis will look for potential obstacles in your WiFi network. These obstacles could include geography, conflicting equipment, and human error. Once the challenges have been identified, your IT expert will revitalize your WiFi network. Your IT consultant will also suggest improvements for the management tools and tactics that your organization uses. After all, when your WiFi network is slow or completely down, it can have the same effect on your business. 

Business Continuity for Your Network

The next step is to look at your business continuity plan. Many organizations don’t have a disaster recovery plan in place for unexpected moments like a data breach. In 2018 the average cost of network downtime was approximately $5,600 per minute. Per minute!

Not only is a downed network expensive, but it also decreases productivity. Once a network has been restored, it will still take an average of 23 minutes for employees to refocus on their previous tasks. Integrated Axis can help your organization develop a business continuity plan to account for any scenario. This plan will give you a way to keep your employees focused and productive and reduce the financial impact of a down network.

Network Security

The third step will be to examine the security of your network. Did you know that in 2018, an estimated 66 percent of Server Message Blocks (SMBs) were subject to cybersecurity attacks? The security of your network has never been more important. As part of our IT managed services, Integrated Axis will create a risk management plan that keeps your network secure. All it takes is one weak spot for a hacker or cyber thief to exploit your network and any connected devices. Through a comprehensive risk management plan and best practice cybersecurity tactics, we can spot weaknesses, correct them, and secure your data. 

Integrated Axis Delivers Powerful Network Results

Integrated Axis is ready and able to improve your network functionality. Contact us today to discover how IT consulting can leverage scalable technology services, best practice cybersecurity approaches, and resolve your IT woes. Our customized approach will leave you with a comprehensive IT network that is designed to meet the current and future needs of your business. To learn more about our IT consulting and IT managed services, simply call (866) 577-3033.