HIPAA Compliance for Optimal Privacy and Security

Since computers became a fixture in the healthcare industry, Cybercriminals have understood the value of protected health information (PHI). Long before the government passed Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) in 1996, healthcare ITs were working hard to protect PHI. HIPAA compliance regulations ensure that healthcare organizations implement and monitor multiple safeguards that meet federal laws. 

A Secure Network Is a Vital Part of HIPAA Compliance 

With such high-value data on the line, network security is an essential focus for any healthcare organization. Here are five reasons that a secure network is a foundation for compliance with HIPAA security rule regulations:  

1. Reduces Risk of Data Theft and Sabotage  

No network is completely safe from cyberattacks, but an efficient and stable network security system is essential for protecting PHI. Cybercriminals or employees with malicious intent are less likely to access valuable data when a system is secure. Transmission security offers peace of mind that your data will stay protected.

2. Prevents the Interruption of Business Continuity  

The smallest cyberattacks disrupt standard business operations for businesses every day. Healthcare organizations face risks to financial information, patient health information, and other confidential organizational data. There are times when the entire organization’s system experiences a complete digital shutdown

3. Avoids the Risk to an Organization’s Reputation  

A cyberattack that you could have prevented with a secure network could harm your healthcare organization’s reputation in the industry. HIPAA compliance violations might give your patients, vendors, and even board members a reason to choose another healthcare company.

4. Limits the Possibility of Incurring Penalties  

HIPAA non-compliance penalties can quickly become costly for an organization. Each HIPAA breach notification could come with a fine of up to $50,000. These civil penalties are determined by the nature and extent of a violation, as well as the amount of harm caused. Healthcare employees may also be fined $100 per violation even if they are unaware that they are violating HIPAA rules. If a company has a HIPAA compliant secure network, they are more likely to have a compliant staff.

5. Prepares an Organization to Withstand a Data Breach or Other Attack on a Network  

HIPAA offers a guideline for health and human services organizations to maintain compliance. With the help of HIPAA privacy and security standards, organizations are more likely to strengthen weak passwords and update operating systems. This minimizes an outsider’s facility access, which keeps data safer.

There Are Times When Healthcare Organizations Need Assistance with Network Security and HIPAA Compliance 

Even with a robust HIPAA compliance strategy, your company can benefit from working with  Integrated Axis. We offer end-to-end solutions for all data compliance and access control needs. Cyberattacks can even happen to secure wireless networks. This is why it is crucial to ensure the security of your healthcare organization with a reliable partner like Integrated Axis. To learn more about our compliance and security services, call (520) 877-3033.