Why Some WiFi Networks are More Efficient than Others

Does everyone compete for the same “good” WiFi spots in your workplace – or are non-essential tasks hogging all your bandwidth? Your WiFi network’s efficiency has a direct impact on your brand’s overall productivity and effectiveness. When your WiFi is too sluggish, your team simply can’t work as effectively. Network management can help you make the most of your WiFi and ensure your most essential team members and tasks have what they need to get things done.

Why is My Business WiFi So Slow?

Learning more about the potential obstacles that could be slowing down your network can help you determine what to do to get things moving faster. Any of the following factors could be contributing to the inefficiency you are experiencing:

  • Geography: The distance from your router will impact how well the signal reaches your electronics. If your most critical teams are sitting far from the router, they simply won’t get as good of a signal. This is easily fixed; checking WiFi strength at various parts of your facility and computer network ensures the critical team can get to the Internet when they need to.
  • Power Levels: Is your team waiting until the last moment to dock a tablet or laptop for charging? The power levels on a piece of equipment can impact how well they connect with a WiFi setup.
  • Conflicting Equipment: The other pieces of equipment that you may be running could impact your WiFi performance. Network printers, intercoms and even microwaves could be to blame if you are experiencing trouble getting an uninterrupted signal.
  • Interference: Different materials have varying effects on WiFi signals. Wood and glass can cause a small amount of interference, water poses a medium hiccup, and concrete or metal could cause a lot of obstruction. If your router is located near any of these materials, you might want to find a new location.
  • Human Error: Do you have an Internet policy? If not, you could have some inefficiencies because employees are surfing the web instead of working. Downloading images, streaming video, and gaming all eat up bandwith and impact your WiFi Make sure WiFi is being used for legitimate tasks as you work on managing your network.
  • Your Equipment: Your WiFi may not be an issue at all; legacy equipment and devices may not be able to handle as much speed as you need. Even when they work at capacity, your workstations may not be up to the job. Replacing your equipment with more current and swift devices with better configuration management could result in more efficient use of your systems.

Get Help with Network Management

You need to be able to access your network for a wide range of tasks, especially if you are running a business. If your WiFi is not running efficiently, you’ll experience delays in all departments and areas. Integrated Axis can help you revitalize your IT and WiFi using network management tools and techniques designed to make the most of this valuable resource. Contact us today to learn more and to make the most of your WiFi setup.