5G and Cybersecurity Implications

Cellular service has always been about speed, even from the very beginning. The lower the call drop rate, and the more dependable the connection, the better a carrier fares. As mobile phones have moved away from calling functions to become mobile computers, speed definitely matters. 5G, the common shorthand for “Fifth Generation Cellular Wireless” is the […]

Why Some WiFi Networks are More Efficient than Others

Does everyone compete for the same “good” WiFi spots in your workplace – or are non-essential tasks hogging all your bandwidth? Your WiFi network’s efficiency has a direct impact on your brand’s overall productivity and effectiveness. When your WiFi is too sluggish, your team simply can’t work as effectively. Network management can help you make […]

4 Advantages of Wifi Networking for Businesses

Wi-Fi, also known as wifi, is a form of technology based on the IEEE 802.11 standards that uses radio waves to create local area networks (LANs). These devices use a wireless access point, commonly known as a hotspot, to connect to a wifi LAN (WLAN) that provides access to the internet. Hotspots have a range […]