Business Tech | The Risks of Email Compromise

We’ve talked at length before about email security in the business world, but this issue cannot be understated. According to AIG (one of the insurance companies that cover business losses due to cyber risks), the largest threat for businesses today are email breaches. Compromised emails cause more overall damage than ransomware and even data breaches by hackers. Why […]

Best Practices for Identity Protection Online

At Integrated Axis, we specialize in helping companies use best practices with their network security and other issues involving IT health. You might not think of your personal identity when considering your organization’s security. The truth is that your employees are the asset that makes you most vulnerable to breaches. According to recent data, employees cause at least 40% […]

How IT Consulting Can Improve Your Network Functionality

You probably don’t think about your company’s network until it is slow, malfunctioning, or completely inaccessible. In fact, when you heard the word “network,” did you immediately think of WiFi? WiFi is only one of the IT networks that your company uses. Luckily, an IT consulting firm can help you manage and maintain all your IT managed services.  […]