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  1. Business Continuity Planning

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    With a potential pandemic sweeping the globe, businesses, educational institutions, and other organizations are beginning to test the strength of their continuity planning—or lack thereof. And in today’s tech-focused society, a company’s ability to keep things humming along during quarantine or other sudden disruption largely depends on its data services. Learn why business continuity services are so essential and how Integrated Axis Technology Group can help organizations meet their continuity goals.

    What is Business Continuity Planning?

    Business continuity planning allows businesses to seamlessly adjust to unexpected events by protecting and maintaining crucial data and systems. These plans can encompass everything from a brief power outage to a wildfire evacuation to a terrorist attack. By creating a plan that can adapt to a variety of different variables, businesses will be able to minimize shutdowns or supply chain issues that can cause significant disruptions.

    Many business continuity plans depend on the cloud—both to back up crucial documents and programs and to provide remote workers the ability to work from home. A business continuity plan can be as detailed or as simple as an organization would like, but in general, the more detail, the better. The best continuity plans have concrete, clearly-communicated benchmarks, and standards to ensure that everyone operating within the plan is on the same page.

    Business continuity plans should be tested regularly. The last thing any organization wants is to discover a major fault in their disaster planning (or data breach) when it matters most. These tests can be as simple as a quarterly work-from-home day to ensure that all key personnel has the infrastructure to log in and perform their routine tasks no matter where they’re located.

    How Can Organizations Maintain Cybersecurity During a Disruptive Event?

    There are a few things that businesses can do to create a secure, reliable continuity plan.

    First is to identify and prioritize the key, core business functions, and time-sensitive tasks—the types of tasks that are necessary to keep things running. Next, you’ll want to lay out the steps required to recover core functionality, like setting up employees with a VPN, transferring processes to an off-site server, or assigning workers to retrieve certain items from headquarters.

    You’ll also want to name a continuity team: managers, directors, security officers, IT personnel, and others who can strategize and create plans that minimize business disruption. These plans should be tested and tweaked regularly, incorporating suggestions and adapting to changes in the logistical landscape.

    Finally, it’s a good idea to distill this information down to a simple checklist or flow chart that everyone can use for reference. From emergency contact numbers and email addresses to an index that helps employees determine where specific information is stored, these “cheat sheets” can be incredibly useful.

    Throughout this process, keeping your data secure is the key to emerging unscathed. If you’re wondering whether your own business’s continuity planning could use some work, look no further than Tucson’s Integrated Axis Technology Group. Integrated Axis offers backup and disaster recovery services that can protect against malware, hackers, and other threats to your business.

  2. Why Managed IT Services and Support Are a Must-Have for Your Business

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    Managed IT services are an excellent option for any size business. Traditionally, in the past, smaller companies would outsource IT to dedicated companies because they didn’t have the resources or staff to handle the process in-house. As technology has grown over time, the need for a multitude of different IT disciplines has also increased.

    Large and medium-sized companies are finding that nowadays, adding business IT services to their partnerships provides needed support for their own IT Department. It gives the company another arm for their technology needs so their staff can delegate the right jobs to the right people without overburdening employees. Best of all, companies have found that this strategy allows them to always have access to the top, talented experts in all facets of technology.

    Top 5 Reasons to Partner with an Expert for Your Business Technology

    There are many reasons to outsource your IT tasks, from business safety to increased productivity. Here are five ways that working with a managed IT services team such as Integrated Axis Technology Group can benefit your business:

    Increase Your IT Department

    Whether you’re a small company trying to take care of your own business technology or a larger company with a dedicated IT department, working with an IT service means more safety and security first. It also means you’ll be increasing your IT department without the cost of hiring permanent personnel.

    Tech Teams are Cost-EffectiveTech team discussing IT security solutions

    Hiring IT services is a cost-effective way to make sure that the most qualified people handle your IT needs. Chances are that you have many tasks that must be completed, from cybersecurity to managed IT. Partnering with an IT company means you’ll have access to a team of experts while only paying for their services instead of additional employees. If you develop a lasting partnership with one company, they’ll also get to know your protocols and act as part of the team without the cost of full-time IT staff.

    Access to Specialized Experts 

    Perhaps you have the resources to invest in IT personnel. This benefit allows you to outsource specialized experts for particular projects, or to inform your staff. Keep in mind, however, that technology and security are always changing. You don’t want a jack of all trades to handle your sensitive IT needs; you want the best in the field for your business.

    Improve Your Customer Service Man using a tablet to contact customers displaying good customer service

    Delegating IT tasks to a partner company frees up your own staff’s time to handle the work they were hired to manage. This means your customer service and all areas of the workflow can improve and thrive, which impact your business positively.

    Makes Your Company More Competitive

    Working with a managed IT service and support company allows you to level the playing field between your company and much larger organizations in your industry. Being ahead in technology gives you a leg up in your areas of expertise.

    Are You Looking for Managed IT Services for Your Tucson Business?

    If you’re looking for a partner in tech security or managed IT services for your business in the Phoenix or Tucson area, contact Integrated Axis today. We provide personalized IT services to fit your business and your unique needs. We’re only a phone call away!

  3. 5 Reasons the Need for Cyber Security Continues to Grow

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    Cyber security isn’t something to address once and forget about. It’s not an afterthought or something that applies only to tech business nowadays, as its reach spreads wider each day. It has quickly become one of the most important issues that businesses (and people individually) collectively face in the modern era. Its importance will only increase over the next few years for a number of reasons that are absolutely worth exploring.

    Cyber Security is Critical and Common

    The odds that you will avoid being hit by a cyber-attack at some point in your life are very much against you. In fact, according to a study conducted by Ponemon Institute, about two-thirds of server message blocks (SMBs) were hit with some type of attack in 2018. This means the chances are pretty high that someone has tried to hack your online information at one time or another in recent days. Risk management is of the utmost importance when it comes to keeping your information systems safe.

    The Cost of a Cyber Attack is On the Rise

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    As of 2018, the average cost of a single consolidated breach rose to nearly $3 million! That’s an impossible hit and an immense amount of money to consider paying, even if your revenue is substantial. Costs to repair the damage created by cyber-attacks continue to increase, hitting schools and other systems that are far less business-oriented than most. These cyber-attacks and malicious code cause hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages and losses. It’s imperative to prioritize your business tech security to stay in business and keep your information protected.

    Risk Assessment: Hacks Can Shut Down Your Business

    Cyber security continues to be a pressing need due to the reach certain types of cyber-attacks have. Many hacks can expose the personal information of your employees and your customers, too. They can cause your business to shut down operation for days or weeks, depending on how bad the cyber breach is. This can be absolutely catastrophic for a business, its computer networks and its reputation. While you might think it won’t happen to your business, it’s happening everywhere, all the time.

    Cybercrime is an Increasing Trend

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    Another recent study revealed that the global cost of online cyber-crime is expected to hit an enormous $6 trillion by as soon as 2021. This means that things are only going to get worse as time goes on. This is why you must prioritize your own cyber security as soon as possible and protect the sensitive information and sensitive data your business collects.

    The Importance of Business Continuity

    At this point, the statistics are clear—you can’t stop yourself from becoming the target of a cyber-attack, but you can stop yourself from becoming the victim of one. Even beyond network security, a core part of cyber safety and security involves having a plan for business continuity and disaster recovery as an organic part of your other security measures. This type of plan—one built with your business in mind—will guarantee that even if you do suffer a cyber-attack, you can pick back up as quickly as possible without losing your data and important information.

    If you’re located around the Tucson or Phoenix areas and would like to find out more about the growing need for cyber security, please don’t delay —  contact IA Tech Group today.

  4. The Dangers of Clicking Unsubscribe Links in Your Emails

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    Everyone receives emails they don’t want, and it can be tempting to click the “unsubscribe” link at the bottom, but beware! This is a simple and easy way to prevent future emails from that sender, right? While that may be true, this simple action can actually cause more problems than it solves, especially if you don’t know or trust the sender—or have never subscribed to their emails. Its also an easy way for email senders to disguise their identity and location, making an effective email method of a phishing attack. Here are four dangers of unsubscribing from emails right away:

    Unsubscribing Confirms your Email Address

    After opening that email and clicking “unsubscribe,” spammers may actually send you more email instead of removing you from their list. They may sell your email address to other spammers if they’re especially ruthless.

    Clicking Confirms You’ve Read the Email

    Clicking Confirms You’ve Read the Email

    Clicking that “unsubscribe” button also tells the sender that you may be interested in the subject matter, as you read through the email and clicked an internal button. This information allows spammers to narrow the focus of the future email, making it more likely that you’ll open and read them.

    Unsubscribing Sends Information About Your Computer

    Some senders require an email from you as part of the unsubscribing process. This step may involve sending them an email directly with a particular phrase such as “remove” or “unsubscribe” in the subject field. Clicking the unsubscribe link may also open an email window. Either way, sending an email provides the recipient with your email header, which contains information about your email software and computer. This information can be highly useful for anyone who wants to access your computer.

    A subscription request may also open a browser window, which additionally provides the spammer with information about you. This information includes your browser, operating system, and IP address, which spammers can then use to determine your approximate geographic location. They can also send your computer a “cookie” that will identify you if you visit any of their other websites.

    Visiting Unknown Websites Exposes you to Malware

    Visiting Unknown Websites Exposes you to Malware

    Accessing a website as part of the unsubscribing process provides a spammer with an opportunity to install malware on your computer. Malware is designed to gain access to and corrupt your computer. A type of malware known as a drive-by download can be installed, even if you don’t click anything on the website! Spammers can tailor this malware to increase its effectiveness against your cybersecurity, based on the information you’ve already provided.

    Keep Your Email Safe

    The best strategy for dealing with unwanted email is to simply remove it from your inbox and block the sender’s email address. The specific procedure for accomplishing these tasks depends on your email software. For certain software, marking a message as spam automatically moves the message to a trash folder and blocks the sender. In other cases, you may need to manually move the message and add the sender’s email address to your block list. Some email software platforms continue to learn more about what’s considered spam when you mark a message as such, which helps to protect your computer in the future.

    When it comes to computer security, safety, cloud services, Wi-Fi, and more, look no further than Integrated Axis technology Group for the best technology services Tucson has to offer. Contact us here or call us at (520) 877-3033 to learn more about our IT services.