Business Security: Malware to Watch Out For

The last thing you want to hear is that you have malware on any of your devices. Even worse is finding out you have malware that has infected your business computers.

Business malware works the same way as other types of malicious software — and its aim is to get into your machines and compromise your data. As far as tech security measures, malware represents a dangerous threat for individuals and business safety.

Types of Malware to Watch Out For

Data breaches must be avoided at all costs. The information held in your company’s computers and devices can leave you open to malware, identity theft, and even the loss of employee or customer records. Malware might seem like a small and easily managed threat, but new malicious software is developed all the time. It’s the most common way that hackers are able to gain access to your systems.

Staying up-to-date regarding new, trending malware can help you avoid user errors that usually allow these scripts access to your devices.

Recent malware threats to be aware of:

– Trojan Word Doc

This is a newer threat that’s easy to fall for. A word document is corrupted with a Trojan virus that then invades your machine. Because the file is a word document, it’s often downloaded via email. Trojans have become prevalent recently, but they’re relatively easy to guard against if you avoid opening documents that aren’t from a verified sender.

– Adware

Most people don’t know that adware is malware. It doesn’t usually steal information or compromise your data; it just gives you a bunch of ads to ignore. It does, however, open the door for hackers to get into your devices, as this article in Wired points out.

– Ransomware

Using new ransomware to hack data has gained momentum over the last few years, often targeting larger organizations. The malware invades your system and locks you out. Often the hackers then have access to your data, at which time they insist you pay them an incredible amount of money to restore your system.

– Point of Sale Trojan 

These Trojan viruses infect POS systems, stealing customer financial information. This type of malware can damage your reputation with customers and have a long-lasting impact.

For most businesses, the best way to guard against malware is to develop a suitable protocol for employees to follow while on the job. Many of these types of breaches occur because best practices aren’t employed. Hackers are getting more sophisticated in their tactics to elicit a response, which makes them harder to guard against.

Phishing is a common way for computers to get infected. This is where an email is sent with a corrupted link or

If you’re concerned about your level of security or are interested in an overall document. The malware can only be installed if the recipient clicks on the link or downloads the file.

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