Common Cyber Scams – Stay Safe!

Cyber attacks always spike when large holiday events happen, which include big sales like Cyber Monday, but can also affect smaller sales days like Memorial Day sales that online retailers use for incentives to boost sales. Cybercriminals love to take advantage of the naïve, stressed out, and busy. According to the national reporting center for […]

Why Are Business IT Assessments Important for Your Tucson Business?

We get it – everyone is busy.  Taking the time to coordinate an information technology assessment of your business is not on your to-do list.  But it should be!  This is no different than your routine medical checkups for your health.  In this case, the health of your business can affect dozens of employees as […]

Why is Network Security Important?

Network security is crucial for businesses of all sizes. It is the practice of protecting the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of a company’s data and networks. Without proper network security measures in place, a business is at risk of cyber attacks that can compromise sensitive information, disrupt operations, and damage the company’s reputation. One of […]

What Do Professional IT Management Providers Actually Do?

Business IT Continuity

Managed information technology (IT) companies offer a range of services to help businesses manage and maintain their IT systems. Here are a few examples of what a managed IT company might do: Network and infrastructure support: This can include tasks such as setting up and maintaining servers, networking equipment, and other infrastructure. Help desk support: […]

Why Hire a Professional IT Management Company?

Hiring a company to manage a business’s information technology (IT) can be an essential decision for any organization regardless of its size. Here are a few reasons why: Expertise: IT can be a complex and constantly evolving field. Hiring a dedicated IT management company ensures that your business has access to a team of experts […]

Was your e-mail hacked?

There are a few signs that your email account may have been hacked: Unfamiliar messages have been sent from your account. If you see emails in your sent folder that you didn’t write, it’s possible that your account has been compromised. Your contacts have received spam or phishing emails from your account. If your friends, […]

Why Should I Have IT Management?

Tucson IT Consulting Services

Sometimes we get asked about the cost of IT Management – why is it important? How is it worth the cost? It’s never about the cost – it’s about the benefit! Every company you are up against in the market is taking steps of their own to run a better business using modern tools. Often […]

Cyber Security Tip: Don’t Use Your Browser to Store Passwords

It’s tempting to allow your browser to store your passwords when prompted – it’s convenient and you don’t think twice about it. But what could possibly go wrong? Here are two reasons why this isn’t normally a good idea. Universal Access If someone gains access to your computer, either physically or through a cyber attack, […]

Cyber Security Pro Tip: Remembering Passwords

Remembering dozens of complicated passwords is a GIANT pain, which is why people have bad password “habits” – the primary habit is reusing passwords or creating simple, easy-to-remember passwords (like “letmein123”).  Even if your reused passwords are minor variations of your original password, like adding an exclamation point, these are incredibly easy to guess by […]