How to Install a Website as an App on Your Desktop with Microsoft Edge 

Have you ever wished you could run a webpage as a desktop application? Many of your favorite web applications may not provide a desktop applicationWith Microsoft Edge you can jump right into your app with just a click of a desktop icon. With the simple steps below, you can convert any site to a web app using the new Microsoft Edge. Think of converting your most visited sites and those such as QuickBooks, Microsoft Planner, Microsoft Forms, UPS, FedEx and more to single click access! 

Creating Desktop Apps with Microsoft Edge 

Open Microsoft Edge and navigate to the site you would like to convert to a desktop appNextclicSettings (three dots in the upper-right corner or Alt + F (if keyboard shortcuts are your thing), then go to Apps > Install this site as an app.  


Enter a name for the new app and click theInstallbutton. All done! You have installed the website as an app. 


Create Desktop App Icon  

To jump into the app with just a click of a desktop icon, you need to pin the app to your taskbarGo to the start menu and find the application under recently addedRight-click on it and chooseMore > Pin to taskbar.  


You should now see the app pinned to your taskbar. When you open the app you will notice that there are no navigation options or even an address bar. Below, are a few example applications I have created and what they look like.  


Retain Microsoft Edge Settings 

Click on the settings and more button at the top right corner (three dots in the upper-right corner). The available options are “App info”, “Zoom, Print”, “Cast media to device”, and more.  

The App info option allows you to manageview and control the site. Go to site permissions and manage things such as location, hardware, web technologies, notifications and more. 


You can now start converting all your most visited sites to single click icon access! Share the new feature you learned with your family and friends. For those who have not installed the New Microsoft Edge Browser, you can download it here: Any questions? Contact us to help implement and consultant you on any Microsoft 365 products and features.